WRKDBF Frequently Asked Questions


"We've been using an earlier Version of WRKDBF (V10 or earlier) for many years.  We are upgrading our system to OS400 V6R1 and need an Authorization Code for WRKDBF V11.  How can we get one?"

Technically, your Organization did not purchase your current version of WRKDBF.  Previous versions (V10 and earlier) were "freeware".  The new one (V11) is shareware.  You get a 31-day temporary access code when you download and install the latest software.  You will need to purchase a License to get a "permanent" Serial Number Access Code.

"We recently purchased WRKDBF V11 and have it running on our Production system.  We also have a High Availability (HA) backup system running on a separate I5 system.  We don't need to use WRKDBF on the HA system normally.  Do we need to purchase another license for the HA system?"

Typically, High Availability (HA) backup systems should not be an issue.  When you are doing a periodic test of your recovery procedures, you can simply download and install WRKDBF from the website and you will get a temporary access code good for 31 days.  This should cover your HA test period.
If you were to experience a true disaster (earthquake, flood, hurricane, fire, etc.) I'd be happy to provide a free extended temporary license good for, say up to 6 months or so, to help you recover and get your Production systems back on track.  Beyond that, a purchase would be required.

"Can we transfer WRKDBF licenses when our iSeries (I5) lease expires and we sign a new lease?"

WRKDBF licenses are per Serial Number.  When a new lease is signed you will typically get new Serial Numbers which would require a new Access Code.  However, fully paid Customers will be allowed to transfer WRKDBF licenses for 50% of the normal License fee that is in effect at that time.  If you should get a new lease within one year of your original WRKDBF purchase, a free replacement Access Code will be provided.   

"What is your refund policy?"

If you are dissatisfied with WRKDBF within the first 6 months after purchase, we will gladly refund your purchase.  Notify us (email shown below) and we will refund you as soon as possible.  You agree and understand that you must remove WRKDBF fully from any system being refunded.

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Written by: Bill Reger (breger1 *at* wrkdbf *dot* com)